Why are antioxidants and UV light stabilisers important?

Antioxidants and UV light stabilisers are organic additives that enhance the performance, safety and durability of finished products. They are indispensable to everyday items like cars and building materials – which need to retain performance and safety over many years whilst withstanding the wear and tear that comes with exposure to high temperatures, direct sunlight, wind and rain.

Both antioxidants and UV light stabilisers are used in the manufacturing of plastic and rubber components such as car tyres and windscreen wipers so that they do not discolour or become brittle and break. Antioxidants are also added to fuels and lubricating oils to enable safe storage and smooth engine performance – increasing both the safety and the life span of the engine whilst reducing the frequency of drainage.

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Our views on the German CA proposal to identify phenolic benzotriazole UV-329 as SVHC due to vPvB properties

ELiSANA supports the European Authorities’ intention to ensure the highest levels of safety for human health and the environment. ELiSANA welcomes constructive cooperation with regulatory authorities and downstream users with the objective of achieving science informed, proportionate and enforceable regulation of light stabilisers and antioxidants.