European Light Stabilisers and Antioxidants (ELiSANA)

Antioxidants and UV light stabilisers are organic additives that enhance the performance, safety and durability of finished products

Antioxidants work in a similar way as the natural defence mechanism in our bodies and certain vitamins (for example vitamin C) in fruits, vegetables and nutritional supplements. They combine with unstable oxygen molecules – like peroxides and the so-called ‘free radicals’ – that would otherwise damage the material as part of the natural ageing process.

UV stabilisers work in two ways. The first type of substances – the physical active UV absorbers – transform aggressive UV radiation into simple heat that can dissipate without damaging the material. The second type – the hindered amine light stabilisers (HALs) – scavenge the free radicals produced from UV radiation, preventing them from degrading the material.

By making materials more durable, stabilisers and antioxidants contribute to a more efficient use of resources and less waste production.